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 Number of Visa free countries for Indians holding visas of:

Visa free countries for Indians in UK

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How to get a long term, Multiple Entry Schengen Visa

Important tips and common mistakes to avoid to obtain a long term multiple entry schengen visa

Visa on Arrival countries for Indians in India (see the list)

Indian nationals living in India can obtain a visa on arrival for 35 countries.

Visa Not Required countries for Indians in India (see the list)

Indian nationals living in India can visit 18 countries without needing a visa.

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Schengen Visa QuickList

For Indians in UK

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Visa free Countries for Indians

53 provides a central source of visa and travel information for Indians around the world. Find Embassy Information, Visa document requirements, Permanent Residency Requirements and Citizenship Information. NOTE: We strongly urge the users of this site to double check the visa information with the embassy of travel before making any definite travel plans.

South Africa, September 2014: The Requirement for minors to show their full birth certificate when visiting South Africa has now been postponed to June 2015.

South Africa, June 2014: From 1st October 2014, Parents travelling with children into or out of South Africa will need to show the child’s birth certificate. Where only one parent is accompanying the children then parental or legal consent for the child to travel needs to be shown.

Turkey, April 2014: Visa on arrival for Indians has been withdrawn. Only those Indians holding a visa issued by Schengen Member State or OECD country who have been unable to apply for their e-Visa online at can obtain an e-Visa on arrival at e-Visa kiosks for a maximum stay of 1 month by paying a fee of 30 USD or 20 GBP.                                                      view more…

Visa Updates

Indians are fast becoming one of the world's well travelled groups of people, partly due to the various tourism campaigns targeting Indians, numerous low cost airlines and increased spending power of Indians but some of the reasons can also be attributed to the increase in the amount of easily available visa information for Indians.

It is now far more easier for Indians to find visa information and that helps in planning hassle free holidays and discovering new destinations that were hitherto ignored by most of the Indian travellers. For example, number of Indian tourists to Cambodia has surged and has grown at a rate of 25% every year since 2011. Visasforindians tries to play its small part in helping Indians with such information.

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