Europe, Schengen Countries
Visa Required:
Visa Processing Time:
Normal Processing time is 3 to 5 working days.
Visa Appointment Required:
Yes. Spouse or dependants of Austrian Nationals do not need an appointment to apply for a Schengen Visa.
Visa Appointment Procedure:
By email only. Email to book an appointment. Visa applications can be made in person only and at the Austrian Embassy London only.
Visa Application Fee:
GBP 47.70 (depending on the prevalent exchange rate) or EUR 60.
Cheques or Credit Cards are not accepted.
Free for family members of EU Citizens.
Documents Required:
Application Form
Completed and signed application form with 2 recent passport size photos.
Need to be valid for more than 3 months beyond the validity of the requested visa, with a blank visa page to affix the visa sticker. British Residence Permit must also exceed by more than 3 months the validity of the requested visa. Exception will be made (1 month) for people returning for good to their country on presentation of their travel tickets.
Confirmed hotel reservation for the entire stay or confirmation of tour. Hotels need to be fully paid for. Bookings from or or or without confirmation of payment for the whole duration of the reservation will not be accepted.
Confirmation of airline, rail or bus ticket. If driving then ferry confirmation, registration document, proof of legal ownership of vehicle and insurance papers are required.
The embassy recommends the applicants not to buy travel tickets until a visa is issued. They only need to see proof of travel reservation.
Financial Means
Latest and most up to date bank statement showing a positive balance or traveller cheques worth £30 per person per day to be spent in the Schengen area.
Cash and Credit card statements are not accepted.
Status Proof
Recent, original letter of continued employment from the employer stating the position and income. If the applicant self-employed: a letter from their solicitor, accountant or the Chamber of Commerce including income statement; if the applicant is a student then a letter from the school, college/university confirming their status or attendance.
Pay slips and work contracts are not accepted.
Travel Insurance
Minimum of EUR 30,000 medical coverage including comprehensive accident, emergency hospital treatment and repatriation valid for all Schengen countries. Its validity must exceed validity of the visa. The Insurance company must be based in Austria or other EU member states.
Letter of Invitation
Required only if the applicant has been invited by a private person or visiting friends and family. In this case, the person inviting the applicant has to fill in a Verpflichtungserklärung legalized by a notary public, solicitor, or other competent authority and a copy of the Austrian passport (or national passport containing a valid Austrian residence permit) and proof of sufficient income/funds of the host: i.e. last bank statement/last pay slip, together with tenancy agreement or police registration.
Postal Application:
Postal Applications not accepted.
Visa Application Procedure:
All applicants (with the exception of children under the age of 16, when travelling with the parents) need to apply in person.
Copies of all supporting documents are to be provided.
Visa Collection Procedure:
The visa officer dealing with the application will inform the applicant when the passport will be ready for collection. The general collection time is Monday to Friday between 9 and 10 am. Receipt needs to be shown for collecting the passport.
Passport can be collected by any one (receipt needs to be shown) on any day, during the collection time, after the date given by the visa officer.
Passport can be posted back, once the visa is issued, if the applicant provides a special delivery envelope.
General Visa Information:
1. As of 20 January 2003 applications from non-UK residents (applicants on UK tourist/business or C visa) will not be accepted.
2. No Visa Agencies.
3. Visas are not issued the same day.
4. Austrian Embassy is closed on Austrian Holidays only. It's not closed on British Bank Holidays.
Austria Embassy Information:
Austrian Embassy
Visa Department
18 Belgrave Mews West
London SW1X 8HU
Opening hours: Monday to Friday, 9 - 12am, closed on Austrian Public Holidays. Urgent enquiries: Monday to Friday, 2 - 4pm, Tel. 02072456689  or email:
Visa for Austria
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