Visa Required:
No. A permit is issued free on arrival for stays of up to 31 days for tourism purposes.
Visa Processing Time:
Not Applicable.
Visa Appointment Required:
Not Applicable.
Visa Appointment Procedure:
Not Applicable.
Visa Application Fee:
Not Applicable.
Documents Required:
Passport must be valid on arrival.
Confirmed accommodation is to be shown.
Proof of onward or return journey.
Financial Means
Adequate financial means to support the stay on the Islands.
Postal Application:
Not Applicable.
Visa Application Procedure:
Not Applicable.
Visa Collection Procedure:
Not Applicable.
General Visa Information:
NZ$30 is payable by everyone when leaving the country for what the government calls "a gift of love".
Extensions are granted on a monthly basis - up to five additional months only. A fee is payable with each application within 14 days prior to the expiration of the permit.
Up to three months NZ$70 (15 years and older),
up to five months NZ$120 (15 years and older).
Children under 15 years of age are exempt from charges but must report to Immigration for official paperwork to be completed.
Cook Islands Embassy Information:

Cook Islands
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