Visa Required:
No. Visa is not required for tourism purposes for a maximum stay of 90 days when holding a UK residence permit which is valid at least six months beyond the date of arrival.
Visa Processing Time:
Not Applicable.
Visa Appointment Required:
Not Applicable.
Visa Appointment Procedure:
Not Applicable.
Visa Application Fee:
Not Applicable.
Documents Required:
Passport must be valid for at least 6 months from the date of entry to Costa Rica.
Status Proof
UK residence visa with at least 6 months validity beyond the date of arrival.
Return or onward tickets along with all documents required for the next destination.
Financial Means
Proof of sufficient funds.
Postal Application:
Not Applicable.
Visa Application Procedure:
Not Applicable.
Visa Collection Procedure:
Not Applicable.
General Visa Information:
Not Applicable.
Costa Rica Embassy Information:

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