Visa Required:
Yes. Refer to "General Visa Information" section below for exceptions.
Visa Application Fee:
EUR 35 in local currency.
In case of urgent issuance of visa when the application has been submitted, without justification, three or less days prior to the intended journey then EUR 71.
Free for: Members of immediate family of a Croatian national (spouse and children) and children under the age of six.
Documents Required:
Application Form
Completed and signed visa application form with 1 recent (not older than 6 months) passport size photo.
Need to be valid for more than 3 months beyond the validity of the requested visa, with 1 blank page to affix the visa sticker.
Voucher or hotel confirmation with full address and phone number.
A return flight itinerary.
Financial Means
Recent bank statement.
Proof of sufficient funds during the stay with a minimum of EUR 100 (or equivalent in local currency) per day per person to be shown.
If the applicant is in possession of a certified letter of guarantee by a natural or legal person from the Republic of Croatia, proof of a tourist booking or a similar document then funds of EUR 50 per day per person to be shown.
Status Proof
If employed, a letter from your employer confirming the period of leave.
If self-employed, evidence of the applicant's business like a bank statement of  the business or tax declaration.
If studying, a certificate confirming the applicant's continuing studies and a proof of the financial support for the studies.
Letter of Invitation
The original copy of a letter of invitation signed by a Croatian citizen, or a foreign citizen with an  approved residence in Croatia, verified by a public notary in Croatia. Guarantee Form can be found here.
Self addressed mail
Prepaid and self-addressed registered delivery envelope if the applicant desires the passport to be returned by post.
General Visa Information
Applications cannot be made more than 2 months before the date of departure.
The embassy advises applicants not to purchase any travel fares in circumstances when a delay or refusal of a visa may result in a financial loss.

Visa Exception: From 1 January 2012 to 31 December 2012, Indians visiting Croatia for tourism purposes do not need a visa if they hold a valid Multiple Entry Schengen Tourist Visa or a Residence Permit. The Schengen Visa must be valid for the duration of their stay in Croatia.
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