This visa allows the holder to work for the approved company in Czech Republic.
A job offer and sponsorship is required from a company in Czech Republic to apply for this visa.
This visa is only good for the designated job in the designated company at a specific location and is not transferable.
If the holder wishes to work for another company or in another role or at another location then another application for a work permit specific to the change has to be applied for.
Applicant Requirements:
- Filled in Visa Application Form.
- Valid passport and 2 photos.
- Employment Contract.
- Proof of earnings (roughly 2,500 CZK per week).
- Proof of accommodation.
- Proof of Qualification and Experience Certificates.
Additional Info:
The spouse of the applicant will not have the right to work in Czech Republic.
This visa will be granted initially up to a maximum period of 1 year.
Czech Republic
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Work Permit
Citizenship possible.
Will lead towards Permanent Residency.
Spouses cannot work.
Initial Visa for up to 1 year.
Job Offer Required for visa.
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