Visa Required:
Except - A visa is issued on arrival only if the applicant is entering Egypt via South Sinai (through Sharm El Sheik, Saint Catherine or Taba airports) and provided the applicant remains in South Sinai resorts and does not continue journey to any other city.
Visa Processing Time:
3 working days.
Visa Appointment Required:
Visa Appointment Procedure:
Not Applicable.
Visa Application Fee:
Single Entry: £15, Multiple Entry: £18.
Cash is the only accepted form of payment for visas when applying in person.
If applying by post then only Postal Orders are accepted. Postal Orders must be made payable to ‘The Egyptian Consulate’ and have the initials and postcode of sender written on the back.
Documents Required:
Application Form
Completed and signed application form with 2 recent passport size photos. The photos  should be taken against a white background, with the name of the applicant written on the back, and attached with a paper clip to the application form.
Must be valid for at least 6 months from the date of issuance of visa.
UK Permit
Valid UK residence permit with at least 6 months remaining.
Only if the application is granted (the applicant will be notified by the Embassy), the applicant will be asked to provide proof of booked accommodation for the entire stay. However, the Embassy recommends that the applicant do not pay for any bookings before they know that the visa has been granted.
Return Tickets.
Financial Means
Recent Bank statement with sufficient funds to cover the expenses of the trip.
Status Proof
Letter from employer.
Self addressed mail
A self-addressed pre-paid special delivery envelope for the return of the passport if applying by post.
Postal Application:
Yes. A self-addressed Special Delivery envelope needs to be provided for the return of the passport.
Visa Application Procedure:
Anyone can lodge the visa application on behalf of the applicant.
No appointment is required for visa application submission. Applicants can turn up during the opening hours and apply for visa.
Visa Collection Procedure:
Passports will be usually ready for collection 3 days after the submission of the application. If the application was made through post then the passport will be posted back to the address given by the applicant.
General Visa Information:
Single and Multiple Entry Visas are valid for 6 months and allow a maximum stay of 3 months in Egypt only.
Children who have their own passports (including babies) will require a visa in their passport.
No vaccinations are required for tourists travelling from the U.K. to Egypt.
Egypt Embassy Information:
Egyptian Consulate
2, Lowndes Sreet
London SW1X 9ET
For lodging Visa applications:
9:30 am - 12:30 pm. Monday - Friday.
For collection of passports:
2:30 pm – 4.00 pm. Monday - Friday.
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