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Hong Kong Permanent Residency
Hong Kong Permanent Residence can be obtained after staying in Hong Kong for 7 years.

The applicant must be in Hong Kong for a settled purpose, such as for employment, education or business purposes, during the entire 7 year period.

Permanent residents lose that status if they are absent from Hong Kong for any continuous period of 3 years or more.
Chinese Citizenship
Chinese Citizenship can be obtained after proving to the Chinese government that the applicant has settled in Hong Kong/China. The time period before applying for citizenship is usually 7 years.

The applicant needs to show that their habitual residence is in Hong Kong, has a reasonable income to support themself and their family, has paid taxes in accordance with the law, is of good character and sound mind, has sufficient knowledge of the Chinese language and that they intend to continue to live in Hong Kong.

Applicants are required to renounce their original nationality on acquiring Chinese citizenship.

Average time for processing an application is between 3 to 4 months.
Schemes Eligibility

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