Visa Required:
Visa Application Fee:
Euros 60 in local currency.
Free for family members of EU Citizens.
Documents Required:
Application Form
Completed and signed application form with 2 recent passport size photos.
Need to be valid for more than 3 months beyond the validity of the requested visa, with 1 blank page to affix the visa sticker.
Confirmed booking of the accommodation covering the whole period of stay in Poland or the Schengen area. E-confirmation without proof of payment will not be accepted.
A valid return ticket or a certificate of a reserved and prepaid journey.
Financial Means
A recent statement of current account or traveller's cheques showing funds of a minimum of PLN 100 (Approximately GBP 25 or equivalent in local currency) per person per day to be spent in the Schengen area. Cash, Credit card and Saver account statements are not accepted as a proof of financial means.
Status Proof
A recent letter (issued not earlier than one month before applying) from the employer/school/university. The letter should state the applicant's position at the company.
Students: The letter should be addressed to the Visa Section of the Polish Consulate and include information about the kind of course, school attendance and intended period of leave/holidays taken for the journey.
Self-employed: evidence of registration of the applicant's business, or a letter from their solicitor or accountant.
Unemployed: proof of the applicant's entitlement to social benefits.
For housewife: letter from the husband's employer, marriage certificate and copy of the husband's passport.
Travel Insurance
Travel insurance for the whole period of travel with a minimum amount of EUR 30,000 covering any medical, hospitalisation and repatriation costs valid for all member Schengen states.
Letter of Invitation
Required only if the applicant has been invited by a private person or visiting friends and family. A formal invitation from the host in Poland. A formal invitation (Zaproszenie) can be obtained by the host (person or institution) at the local municipal office in Poland (Urzad Wojewódzki). Invitation made by email or by fax will not be accepted. A Copy of the host's passport and Polish residence permit card (If the host is not a citizen of Poland) is also required.
General Visa Information

Poland Embassy Information:
Delhi, India
Poland Embassy
50 M, Shanti Path, Chanakyapuri, Delhi -110021
Tel: 011-24679158, 011-26889211 | Fax: 26871914,26872033
Mumbai, India
Poland Embassy
Manavi Apartments, 2nd Flr, 36, B.G.Kher Marg, Malabar Hill, Mumbai 400006.
Tel: (+91 22) 23633863 | Fax:(+91 22) 23633376
Washington D.C., USA
Poland Embassy
2640 16th Street, NW, Washington DC 20009
Phone: (202) 234 3800
Office Hours: Open Monday through Friday from 9am to 3pm
Chicago, USA
Poland Embassy
1530 N. Lake Shore Drive, Chicago, IL 60610
Phone: (312) 337-8166 | Fax: (312) 337-7841
London, UK
Poland Embassy
73, New Cavendish Street, London W1W 6LS,
Tel. 08707742800, 08707742808 | Fax. 020 7323 2320
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