Visa Required:
Visa Application Fee:
Visa needs to be arranged through sponsorhip from UAE, either from an individual or from the hotel where the applicant will be staying.
If the applicant is visiting somone in the UAE then the sponsor must earn over Dhs. 4,000 per month and hold a valid residence visa.  If the applicant is visiting UAE for tourism purposes and will be staying in a hotel then the hotel will sponsor the applicants visa. The hotel will also hold the applicant's passport, once in the UAE, until all hotel payments are cleared.
The visitor should fill out a visa application form and submit it to the sponsor along with a first few pages of their passport. With these details, the sponsor can apply for a tourist visa, which will cost Dhs. 650 and take a maximum of 7 days to issue. The sponsor must deposit the visitor's tourist visa at the airport immigration atleast one hour before the visitor's flight arrivals, which will cost Dhs. 10 for processing. The sponsor then should confirm to the visitor that the visa has been arranged (usually by sending a fax copy), and that they will be met at the airport on arrival.
96hrs Transit Visa: The transit visa which is valid for 96hrs (4 days) is available on arrival, usually free. This should be arranged with the air carrier in which the applicant is transiting UAE. The applicant should be heading to a country other than where they came from. So, if a passenger is heading to India from UK then the transit break can only be taken while going to India not while coming back to UK.
For a transit visa, the visa will be issued on arrival and if a tourist visa then it will need to be collected from the immigration authorities at the UAE airport.
Documents Required:
Application Form
Completed and signed application form to be sent to the sponsor for visa application.
Need to be valid for at least 3 months.
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