Visa Required:
Visa Processing Time:
Minimum of 7 working days.
Processing time for postal applications is maximum of 15 working days.
Visa Appointment Required:
Visa Appointment Procedure:
Applicants should first fill in the Online Application Form and then turn up at the embassy between 9:30am to 12:00 noon Monday to Friday.
Visa Application Fee:
Single Journey Visa: 46.
Multi Journey Visa: 78.
Transit Visa: 19.
Payment is by postal order, bank draft or cash.  Postal orders and bank drafts should be made payable to the Embassy of Ireland. Personal cheques are not accepted and this office does not have credit/debit card payment facilities. For postal applications, payment must be by postal order or bank draft only.
Free for and certain family members of EEA citizens.
Documents Required:
Application Form
Completed, signed and dated application form with 1 recent passport size photo.
Valid for at least 6 months after the applicant's intended date of departure from Ireland. The UK resident permit must be valid for at least 3 months after the applicant's intended date of departure from Ireland.
Full details of the reason for the visit.
Financial Means
Proof of sufficient funds during the stay.
Status Proof
If employed or a student: An original up to date signed letter from the applicant's place of employment or study on headed paper with full contact details - giving details of employment or course and confirming that the applicant will be returning there following their visit to Ireland. The letter should be dated within the 4 week period immediately prior to the date of application.
If Self Employed: then documentary evidence of the applicant's business/company in the form of:
An original, signed and dated letter on headed paper from their solicitor/accountant/tax consultant and/or
Recent correspondence relating to their self employment from the Inland Revenue and/or
The original letter of incorporation and/or
Up to date banks statements (from the past three months) for their business bank account and/or
Most recent utility bills for their business premises.
Letter of Invitation
Required only if the applicant has been invited by a private person or visiting friends and family.
An original up to date, signed letter of invitation from the host in Ireland, including the address at which the applicant will be staying, confirming that accommodation will be provided for the duration of their stay. The letter should be dated within the 4 week period immediately prior to the date of application.
A copy of the host's passport. If the host is a non EEA national then a copy of their current Irish permit (GNIB card and Immigration stamps).
Details of how the applicant is known or related to the host and, if required, supporting evidence of this.
Postal Application:
Yes. The applicants should ensure that all of their documents are included as the embassy cannot accept additional documents submitted at a later stage. The embassy advises the applicants to include a self addressed Royal Mail Special Delivery envelope as it is a guaranteed next day, secure delivery service. The applicant should keep note of the special delivery number so that they can track the return of their documents.
Visa Application Procedure:
All visa applicants resident in Great Britain and Northern Ireland must apply for their visa through the online visa application service. More Information on completing the online Application form can be found here.
Once the applicant has applied online then they should, along with the signed online summary sheet and supporting documents submit their application at the Visa office.
To submit application at the Visa office: Applicants (or anyone they nominate, Authorisation letter not required) should turn up at the embassy between 9:30am to 12:00 noon, Monday to Friday. They should then take a ticket from the dispenser and wait until their number is called.
Tickets are available from the dispenser until 12 noon. 
All customers who have taken a visa ticket from the dispenser before 12 noon will be seen that day. Customers who arrive after 12 noon and do not have a ticket will not be seen. 
When the application is made in person, the applicant will be given a yellow receipt that states the date on which the decision will be made and when the applicant can collect their passport. 
Visa Collection Procedure:
Collection is between 2:30pm to 4:00pm Monday - Friday. Applicants must bring their visa receipt with them when collecting their visa. If the person is collecting on behalf of someone else, they will need the receipt, photo ID and a letter of authorisation from the person whose passport and visa they are collecting. This applies even if the family members of the applicant are collecting it.
General Visa Information:
Ireland is not part of the Schengen agreement and a separate visa is required.
Holders of UK visit visas who wish to travel to Ireland should apply for their Irish visa in their country of permanent residence. Applications from UK visit visa holders will not be accepted in the London Visa Office.
The Irish Consulate in Edinburgh is no longer accepting visa applications. Applicants resident in Great Britain should now fill in their application form on line.
Visas cannot be issued on the same day as the application is lodged.
Embassy of Ireland does not issue Multiple Journey visas unless the applicant has held 2 previous Irish visas and has observed the conditions of these visas (e.g. they did not overstay or work illegally).
The embassy advises all visa applicants not to purchase or book travel tickets until their visa application has been approved, issued and received.
Ireland Embassy Information:
Ireland Passport and Visa Office
Montpelier House,
106 Brompton Road,
London, SW3 1JJ                   
Visa Enquiries: 09066610197 (1.50/minute) Opening hours for this line are 9.00 am to 5.30 pm Monday to Friday.
Visa Office Opening Hours:
To lodge applications: Monday - Friday 9:30-12:00
To Collect Visas: monday - Friday 2:30-4:00
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